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Penn Fishing Reel No 85

This Penn fishing Reel is in good condition with No marks, or flaws, it features a new 85 Reel number on the front side. This Reel is fabricated in the usa and offers a speed of 10 pound per hour, this Reel is large and can handle large berkley quirts and this Reel is conjointly working good with No issues. It renders a product score of 8 out of 10, this Reel is sensational for people who are searching for a simple and efficient fishing reel. This Reel is sure to do the job and be an unrivaled investment for enthusiasts who are wanting for a good deal on an used reel, this Reel is furthermore an exceptional way for enthusiasts who likes to take things uncomplicated on themselves. This Reel gives a white controls a black handle.

Penn 85 Fishing Reel

Penn reels is to offer a vintage 85 saltwater fishin Reel for the Reel lover or any angler, this Reel is produced use of a conventional casting system with a saltwater content of 10%. It comes with a card that tells how many fathoms of resistance it can withstand and it shows how it does in the saltwater, the Penn 85 Reel is an outstanding surrogate for modern fishin reels. This is a vintage Reel for the Penn fishing company, it is a conventional fishing Reel made in the usa. It this Reel that is used inria to catch fish in the saltwater, it provides a no. 85 rating on it and is fabricated in the usa, this Penn Reel is a classic take a few minutes to get the hang of it and then you can Reel it up quick. The Penn No 85 is a salt water Reel that is fabricated in the usa, it is a little large on the body but it is still good for most casting applications. The reels come with a casting wheel, which makes it straightforward to get the Reel close to the water, the Penn Reel also provides a light weight and balanced design that makes it facile to handle. The Penn fishing Reel is a classic design that is well known for its high quality and customer satisfaction, this Reel is an original product that is known for its high quality and customer satisfaction. The Penn Reel is a classic design that is well known for its high quality and customer satisfaction.