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Fishing Reel Clamps

This Reel clamp imparts 16" of in-line with your fish's body from the head to the bottom, the Clamps are made of durable plastic and are designed to keep your fish in line and clamped down. The wrenches fit into the Clamps for a secure fit and the black color is durable for water sports.

Fishing Reel Mounting Bracket

The fishing Reel mounting bracket is a first rate alternative to keep your Reel in good condition while fishing, it allows you to position the Reel in a desired position and use it as a trigger clamps. This provide security while fishing and the ability to handle larger reels without worrying about them falling out of the water, the new shimano Reel rod clamp is a splendid way to keep your Reel in good condition. It's made of durable materials and provides a tough look to it, the Clamps are basic to handle and can keep your Reel on the line while fishing. This penn fathom fth 15 20 25 30 40 fishing Reel part- Reel aluminum clamp is a top alternative to keep your fishing gear clamped down and on top of your boat, the Reel rod clamp effortless to handle and is top-notch for use in salt or fashion. The Clamps are uncomplicated to adjust and are beneficial for all fishing needs, this Reel mounting clips to your Reel to provide a slow spooling rate and basic.