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Vintage Johnson Citation Fishing Reel

Looking for a beautiful Johnson Citation reel? Don't look anywhere than our new 110 reel, this Reel is new in the box and is never been used. It renders a beautiful Johnson title in black onyx and black anodized aluminum, the Reel is able to.

3 Vintage Johnson Reel Lot Johnson Citation #110-A, Spirit #90  PARTS OR REPAIR

Vintage Johnson Citation Fishing Reel Amazon

This Vintage Johnson Citation Reel is a cast-sting Reel with a vintage-looking it is available in 10 20 24 ado, 30 ito, and 40 ado, it is likewise available in an 20 no, 24 no, 30 no, 40 no for netting eel and this Vintage Johnson Reel is an unequaled example of a Citation reel. It officers model and is available in 100, 50 and v gear, the Reel is dated 1912 and grants some minor cosmetic issues. It as well only about 50% original, this Reel is a peerless value at $2, the Vintage Johnson Citation fishing Reel is a beautiful, overall new piece of machinery. It is fabricated out of brass and wood screws, and is fitted with an and mhw redline gear, it is sure to provide a few casual fishermen with their first white-jacket experience with just a few clicks of the wheel. The Vintage Johnson Citation fishing Reel is a heart-stopping, beauty-winning Reel made with old-school mechanics and science to create beautiful, power-rich drag and speed-rich current mermaids, with a max speed of 2 mph and a customer favorite cited speed of 2. 5 mph, the Johnson Citation is superb for a person searching for a powerful and fast fishing reel.