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Electric Fishing Reel For Disabled

The Electric fishing Reel is a top-notch solution For folks it renders a reach of 12 ft and is basic to adopt with a digital interface, the Reel is powered by the user's own power and is not powered by a battery.

One Handed Fishing Reels

The ez-fish is the world's first Electric fishing Reel For enthusiasts with disabilities, it allows For hand-washing and weighs only one third of the weight of traditional reels. It is further electric, so is facile to use, and can be used For fishing, but is best For Disabled people, looking For a Reel that can handle your handicapped feeding schedule? Go through our Electric fishing Reel - fish winch ez! Our Reel is designed For admirers with a hand or of only six inches tall. With a reach of up to 60 feet, this Reel is unrivalled For fishing big fry or trolling For love, the ez- handicap fishing Reel is valuable For shoppers with hand disabilities who are not able to adopt a biz or 10-point. It provides a small Electric motor and 440 volt power so it is straightforward to use, and it can be easily or set up, the reels come with a learning book to help with hands-on learning. This automatic fishing Reel is designed For the handicapped, it is facile to handle and imparts a comfortable carrying handle. It is again Electric and extends a short power life, so should be used with caution when first starting out.